The Order is named in honour of Saint Raphael who was said to hear the prayers of holy men and bring them before God. He is also reputed to have ‘healed’ the earth when it was defiled by the sins of the fallen angels.

The Order is open to men and women on an entirely equal basis and, although Christian, is entirely independent of any particular denomination. Our ceremonies of admission and the, creation of Knights and Dames are both beautiful and meaningful. junior members are also welcome and have their own ceremony of admission.

Entry to the Order is by invitation and we admit Candidates not on the basis of their wealth or social standing but rather their concern for, and contribution to, the world around them. That is why membership of the Order is not expensive, although members are expected to pay for the insignia of their rank prior to its presentation on admission.

The Order of St. Raphael also administers, as an Order of Merit, The Most Meritorious, Spiritual and Military Order of St. Mark, the grades of which are awarded to members of St. Raphael in recognition of efforts made by its members. Although a printed ceremony exists for the Order of St. Mark, it is no longer performed as a matter of course. The awards within the Order of St. Mark are conferred during the St. Raphael ceremony.