Peterborough 2007

Annual Investiture 2007 –  Peterborough

On 13th January 2007, around 40 members and guests attended the annual Ceremony of Investiture at Peterborough – one of the best attended occasions in the history of the Order. Many members arrived well before the ceremony to meet up with friends old and new, and in fact ten members had travelled down from the North West the previous evening, and enjoyed a wonderful meal at a local restaurant.

At 11am, the Grand Master’s procession entered the Chapel, where the guests and 11 Postulants awaited.

With so many new members to Invest into the Order, it could have been a logistical nightmare, but despite being new to their roles, the Grand Chancellor and Grand Marshal conducted the proceedings impeccably!

Following the Investing of the Postulants, the Grand Master made his Appointments of Grand Officers, and nine members also received promotions in the Meritorious Order of St Mark. Finally, the Grand Master made a special presentation, promoting Dame Patti Ansell to the Honorary position of Dame Grand Cross, in recognition of the work done by her and Keith, and Barry Uttley was also promoted to Knight Grand Cross. Congratulations to all those who received awards.

After the formalities had been completed, we retired into the adjoining dining area for lunch, where everybody had the chance to get to know each other or renew old acquaintances.

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Although there had been some discussions about changing the venue, it was unanimously decided to stay at Peterborough for the time being, where we are well looked after in comfortable surroundings, so you can now put Saturday 12th January 2008 in your diaries so that you do not miss it!

New members

Peter Robins KSR
Simon Polkinghorne KSR
Geoffrey Robinson KSR
Vincent Gillibrand KSR
Simon McIlwaine KSR
Christopher Ansell KSR
Barry Wilde KSR
Steven Turner KSR
Lesley Doe DSR
Pamela Robinson DSR

Promotions in St Mark

Alan Blackstone CSM
David Haywood CSM
Ian Burnett KSM
Margaret Gunnell CSM
Arnold Baker CSM
Charles Holloway CSM
David Donachie CSM
Julian Gunnell CSM
Dianne Uttley CSM

Photo Gallery