Lion Rampant Conclave

The Conclave Commander is currently vacant

You can contact the acting Commander by e-mail or telephone 

The Conclave Officers:-

Deputy Commander Chevalier Ian R Cameron, KSR, MSM
Vice Chancellor Dame Elaine J Starritt, DSR, MSM
Treasurer Chevalier Gordon Wackett, KSR
Chaplain Chevalier Michael Stephen, KSR, OSM
 Almoner Melanie McLellan
Marshal Chevalier Gordon Wackett, KSR
Deputy Marshal Vacant
Lecturer Chevalier Grahame J Smith, KSR & Dame Isobel Smith, DSR
Sword Bearer Ross McLellan
Captain of the Guard Chevalier Ian R Cameron, KSR, MSM
Banner Bearer Dame Anne Stephen, DSR, OSM
Director of Music Dame Isobel Smith, DSR

Conclave News & Events

Consecration of the Lion Rampant Conclave

AGM 2015

Visit to Inspire

AGM 2016

AGM 2017

Investiture 2017

Lion Rampant Commander report 2018