Officers and their Duties

Grand Master

R.E. Chevalier Julian Gunnell GCSR, GCSMGunnell 3

Tel: 01522 394965

The Grand Master has overall command and Responsibility of the Order.

grand priorGrand Prior

Rt Rev’d Geoffrey Robinson EGCSR, GCSM

Tel: 01704 512170

The Grand Prior is responsible for all matters concerning the spiritual welfare and growth of the Order.

Grand ChancellorHaywood

R.E. Chevalier David J Haywood OStJ, GCSR, GCSM, 

Tel: 0161 764 4786

The Grand Chancellor is responsible for all administrative matters within the Order.

Grand Marshall

E. Chevalier David T Gibb KSR

Tel: 01506 670098

The Grand Marshal is responsible for the conduct of the ceremonies and Service of Investiture and for marshalling the participants on ceremonial occasions.

Grand Treasurer                           

Chevalier Brian Everett MBE, KSR, MSM

Tel: 01325 360423

The Grand Treasurer is responsible for the financial affairs of the Order including the allocation of funds to charity.

grand lecturerGrand Lecturer

E. Chevalier Leslie Grout GCSR, KCSM

Tel: 01753 851947

The Grand Lecturer is responsible for all teaching aspects of the Order and shall ensure that this aspect is not overlooked and shall keep and circulate Papers written and presented.

Grand Registrar

Chevalier David Starritt GCSR, GCSM

Tel: 01339 881271

The Grand Registrar is responsible for the recording of names, addresses, honours and awards of merit of members and the publication, from time to time, of printed Rolls of Members.

Grand Sub Prior



The Grand Sub Prior is responsible for supporting the Grand Prior in his duties and for fulfilling the Grand Prior’s ceremonial duties when the Grand Prior is unable to attend any ceremony or investiture.

Grand Herald

Chevalier Ian Cameron KSR, MSM


The Grand Herald is responsible for keeping members of the Order informed of the activities of the Order, in particular by the publication of a newsletter. The Grand Herald will also take responsibility for the production of all certificates presented to members at investitures. The Grand Herald liaises with the Grand Chancellor.

Deputy Grand Marshal

The Grand Deputy Marshal is responsible for assisting the Grand Marshal in his duties and for fulfilling the duties of the Grand Marshal when the Grand Marshal is unable to attend any ceremony or investiture. The Grand Deputy Marshal calls the congregation to order to receive the Grand Master at the annual investiture.

Grand Custodian of Insignia

E Dame Penny Bell-Wright DCSR, MSM

Tel: 0208 7154206

The Grand Custodian of Insignia is responsible for all aspects of ordering and the supply of Insignia in accordance with the Constitution and Dress Regulations of the Order. The Custodian of Insignia is also responsible for the ceremonial presentation of Insignia at the Service of Investiture.

grand director of musicGrand Director of Music

Chevalier Clive Warham KSR, CSM

Tel: 01282 703177

The Grand Director of Music is responsible for arranging any musical accompaniment at our ceremonies.

Grand Steward

Dame Helen Wilson, DSR

Tel:  07515 685049

The Grand Steward is responsible for all dining arrangements after ceremonial occasions.

Grand Sword Bearer

Chevalier Mike Boxall, KSR, MSM


The Grand Sword Bearer will carry the Sword at all ceremonial occasions.

Grand Banner Bearer

The Grand Banner Bearer will carry the Banner at all ceremonial occasions.

Grand Cross Bearer

The Grand Cross Bearer will carry the Cross of the Order at all ceremonial occasions.

Grand Guard

The Grand Guard traditionally guards the entrance to the venue being used for ceremonial purposes even though there is no secrecy attached to the ceremonies or investitures of the Order.

grand hospitallerGrand Hospitaller

R.E. Chevalier Ian Tough GCSR, KSM

Tel:01322 529606

The Grand Hospitaller is responsible for the Charitable objectives of the Order, including maintaining links with the nominated charities.