The Purpose of The Order


The main purpose of the Order has always been to aid the cure of those who are sick in mind and body. We do this by way of prayer. It is our belief, in common with many other bodies, that the greater the volume of prayer towards a specific and worthy end, the more it is likely that the wishes will be granted.

Some members have a belief in, and practice, both Spiritual Healing and Faith Healing. In welcoming such members we stress that this is a matter for the individual and that it is not essential that it be acknowledged in order to be a member. We welcome any members who will join us in our efforts to increase the volume of prayer to affect a reduction in the suffering throughout the world today.


The second purpose of our Order is to preserve knowledge and to pass on such knowledge to others. We are especially concerned with the wisdom of philosophers and men and women of learning.

Throughout the year we organise meetings that any member may attend to hear speakers on various subjects. At local level conclaves arrange their own programme to suit the requirements of their members.


As an Order of Chivalry there is an Annual Investiture when the Grand Master confers the honour of Knighthood on new aspirants and also creates new Dames of the Order. Promotions are also conferred including merit awards within the Order of St. Mark and the whole ceremony is conducted with dignity and purpose.

Local conclaves may raise funds amongst themselves and support whichever local charity they wish. The Order of St. Raphael also contributes to charity on a national basis from time to time.

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