Peterborough 2010

Annual Investiture 2010 –  Peterborough

This year’s Investiture had been postponed in January because of the bad weather, and was held on 8th May, again at Elindon, Peterborough. This year’s event was again well attended, with nearly 50 in attendance.

There were just three postulants this year:

Chevalier Lord John Goodenough of Hollyport
Chevalier Geoffrey Berry
Chevalier Caie Graham

There was just one promotion this year – Norman Offield to Knight Commander (KCSR)

A number of promotions in the Order of St Mark were then conferredby the Grand Master as follows:

Member within the Order of St Mark (MSM)
Richard Thomas
Helen Neaves-Wilde
Trevor Gray
Stephen Nimmons
Ronald Hughes
Ralph Apperley

Dame (DSM)
Patti Ansell

Knight Commander (KCSR)
David Haywood
Dame Commander (DCSR)
Margaret Gunnell

The Grand Master, H.E. Chevalier Howard Doe, opened the meeting which was convened after the annual investiture luncheon.
Appointment of Grand Prior and Grand Sub Prior
The Grand Master indicated that his wish was for the Order to eventually hold an annual investiture in a cathedral and that the appointment of a new Grand Prior was proving difficult. It was unanimously agreed that the Rev. Paul Butler should be appointed the Grand Sub Prior of the Order and Paul agreed to accept this appointment.
Appointment of new Grand Registrar
The Grand Chancellor stated that the previous Grand Registrar, Chevalier Arnold Baker, had become inactive within the Order and that a replacement should be found. There were no volunteers at the meeting. (Subsequent to the Grand Council Meeting Chevalier David Haywood, who was unable to attend, volunteered to undertake the duties of Grand Registrar). I am very grateful to David for his offer and am confident that the Order’s record
of appointments, promotions and resignations are in good hands.
Appointment of new post of Grand Almoner
Due to a continuing illness our Deputy Grand Marshal, Chevalier Ian Burnett, confirmed some time ago that he would be unable to continue in this post. He telephoned me prior to the Investiture to tender his apology for not being able to attend but volunteered his services for the post of Grand Almoner. Ian’s kind offer has been accepted by the Grand Council; thank you Ian.
Presentation of Accounts
The Grand Treasurer, Chevalier Ken Bamber, presented revised accounts for Y/E 30.6.2008 and also accounts for Y/E 30.6.2009. These were accepted by Grand Council.
Grand Custodian of Insignia
Dame Margaret Gunnell stated that after some teething problems supplies from Central Regalia could now be relied on and that she had received over £600 from the sale of insignia and cuff-links etc. at this investiture.
Consecration of a new Conclave in London
The Grand Master stated that he had given his consent for the formation of a new conclave which would meet in Putney to be called ‘St. Thomas Becket – Martyr’. Chevalier Richard Thomas was working hard to create this new conclave which should be consecrated in the near future.
Future dates for Investitures
After a general discussion the Grand Council conceded that our meetings on the third Saturday in January each year, despite the inclement weather, was still the most acceptable date to the majority of our members and it was agreed to revert back to this time of the year. [Our Grand Steward, Chevalier Julian Gunell, in his legendary efficient manner, has already booked the venue for next year – Saturday, 15th January 2011].

The Grand Master closed the Grand Council Meeting at 3.30pm.

Chevalier Barry Uttley,
Grand Chancellor
10th May 2010

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