Peterborough 2011

Annual Investiture 2011 – Peterborough

This year’s Investiture was held on 15th January, again at Elindon, Peterborough. This year’s event was not quite as well attended as last year, with only 36 in attendance. Details of postulants and promotions appear below.

The Grand Master and all those who attended were delighted to once again receive our honoured guest, Ashley Westpfel, Regional Fundraising Manager for Whizz-Kidz. As you will recall, Whizz-Kidz was chosen by our Grand Master as the charitable focus for the Order.

Funds raised from the raffle, and contributions made at the AGM amounted to £500, which the Grand Master was delighted to present. You can read the subsequent letter of thanks on our website.

If you were unable to attend the AGM and would like to make a donation to Whizz-Kidz, you can contact Ashley on 0207 798 6138, or mobile number 07788 554906, or email him: If you are a taxpayer, do please Gift-Aid your donation.

After the formalities had been completed, we retired into the adjoining dining area for lunch, where everybody had the chance to get to know each other or renew old acquaintances.

Following the splendid luncheon, The Grand Master opened the Grand Council meeting. Items discussed were as follows:
Appointment of Grand Prior and Grand Sub Prior
We have still not been able to find a Church of England vicar to take on the role, which would be a great help in obtaining permission to hold future investitures in a Cathedral. Chevalier Geoffrey Berry said that he had contacts within the Church of England and would make enquiries. The Grand Master asked that any suggestions for a new Grand Prior be made through the Grand Chancellor in the first instance.
Appointment of new Grand Treasurer
The Grand Master announced that Chevalier Geoffrey Berry, a Chartered Accountant, would be taking on the role of Grand Treasurer. The existing accounts, to the end of July, would be completed by the outgoing Treasurer. The Grand Master thanked Chevalier Ken Bamber for all his hard work in the role over the years. A number of suggestions were made regarding the accounts. It was agreed that the year end would be changed to 31st December, so a set of accounts for six months would be produced this year to bring these into line. It was also suggested that the preferred method of payment for subscriptions would be by standing order, and this was agreed unanimously. Chevalier Geoffrey Berry also had some other suggestions for the accounts which he would take up once in post.
Charitable donations
A discussion was held about the Order’s nominated charity, and it was agreed that we would continue to retain Whiz-kidz as our sole nominated charity.
Presentation of Accounts
The Grand Treasurer, Chevalier Ken Bamber, presented revised accounts for Y/E 30.6.2010. These were accepted by Grand Council. A number of queries were raised by various members and answered by the Grand Treasurer. Click here to see the accounts.
Grand Custodian of Insignia
Dame Margaret Gunnell stated that after some teething problems supplies from Central Regalia could now be relied on and that she had made significant sales of insignia and cuff-links etc. at this investiture.
Consecration of a new Conclave in London
The Grand Master stated that no further progress had yet been made with this new Conclave, which is proposed to be centred on Putney. The Grand Master would take the matter up again with Chevalier Richard Thomas, and if no progress could be made within six months he would take it over himself.
Progress report on the activities of existing Conclaves
Chevalier David Haywood and Chevalier Stephen Turner gave reports on the activities of their respective Conclaves. Details and reports of all events can be found on the website.
Future dates for Investitures
The meeting had agreed last year to retain the meeting on the third Saturday in January, and despite a small amount of opposition it was agreed to continue this. However, Chevalier Julian Gunnell stated that because of the ways that the dates fell, next year this date would coincide with the Centre’s celebration of Burns’ night and that it would not be available. It was therefore agreed that we could continue on the third Saturday of January unless it was unavailable, in which instance we would move to the fourth Saturday of January. It was confirmed that next year’s meeting would be held on Saturday 28th January 2012.
The Grand Master closed the Grand Council Meeting at 4.00pm.

Photographs of the event can be viewed in the Gallery on the Order’s website.

New members admitted (KSR)
Chevalier Dyn Parry
Dame Josephine Baker
Dame Susan Austin

Kenneth Bamber promoted to Knight Commander (KCSR)
Julian Gunnell promoted to Knight Grand Cross (GCSR)
David Haywood promoted to Knight Grand Cross (GCSR)

Promotions within The Most Meritorious, Spiritual and Military Order of St. Mark

To Member (MSM)
John Warham

To Knight Commanders (KCSM)
Len Feist

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