Peterborough 2012

Annual Investiture 2012 – Peterborough

This year’s Investiture was held a week later, on 28th January, because of a Burns’ Night booking at Elindon, Peterborough. Because of this the attendance was a little smaller than usual. Details of postulants and promotions appear below.
The meeting started with a short period of silence in memory of Chevalier Ian Burnett, Grand Almoner, who had passed away recently.
The Grand Master and all those who attended were delighted to once again receive our honoured guest, Ashley Westpfel, Regional Fundraising Manager for Whizz-Kidz, which is the charitable focus for the Order. During the dinner, the Grand Herald also spoke to members about the website and newsletter, and gave out business cards and brochures to help publicise the Order.
If you were unable to attend the AGM and would like to make a donation to Whizz-Kidz, you can contact Ashley on 0207 798 6138, or mobile number 07788 554906, or email him: If you are a taxpayer, do please Gift-Aid your donation.
Following the splendid luncheon, The Grand Master opened the Grand Council meeting. Items discussed were as follows:
Apologies were received from Chevaliers Simon McIlwaine and Howard Beber, and Bishop Gerard Crane.
Appointment of Grand Prior
During the Investiture Ceremony, the Grand Master had been delighted to appoint the Rt Rev’d Geoffrey Robinson, previously Grand Director of Music, as Grand Prior, and to promote him to Senior Chaplain. Chevalier Clive Warham was appointed to succeed Geoffrey as Grand Director of Music.
Future Financial Arrangements
The Grand Master announced that Chevalier Geoffrey Berry had been appointed as Grand Treasurer last year, but for personal and banking reasons there had been delays in transferring the bank account and in settling outstanding creditors. The Grand Treasurer gave assurances that these problems had now been resolved, and he produced accounts for the Order for six months to the end of December. It was also confirmed that standing order mandates would be issued to all members to pay their 2012 oblations.
Regalia Supplies
The Grand Custodian of Insignia expressed concern that some members were obtaining insignia from outside suppliers, and it was agreed by the meeting that ALL Insignia for the Order must in future be purchased only from the Grand Custodian.
St William of Rochester Conclave
The Grand Master expressed his concern that this Conclave had not been meeting as regularly as he had hoped, and that it was likely to be closed.
Consecration of a new Conclave in West London
The Grand Master stated that no further progress had yet been made with this new Conclave, which is proposed to be centred on Putney. The Grand Master would take the matter up again with Chevalier Richard Thomas, and if no progress could be made within six months he would ask Chevalier Norman Offield to take charge of setting it up.
New Conclave for Scotland
Chevalier Dr David Starritt had sought permission to form a new Conclave for Scotland, to be known as the Lion Rampant Conclave. The Grand Master has agreed to this, and it is likely that the new Conclave will be consecrated in the next one to two years.
Proposed expansion of the Order in the USA
The Grand Chancellor had received proposals to form a Conclave in the USA. However, the Grand Master said that the Order had no plans to make such a move, where we would have little control of who was invested, and that a suitable response be sent.
Any other business
• The Grand Steward expressed concern that many members failed to respond to the invitation to the Annual Investiture, whilst others left replies to the last minute. We have already made a ruling that meals will not be reserved unless prior payment is received, and all members are urged to respond promptly to invitations.
• It was agreed that any member failing to pay subscriptions for two consecutive years would cease to be an Active member of the Order and would be removed from the mailing list.
• Following the resignation of Chevalier Charles Holloway, it was agreed that Chevalier Leslie Grout would be appointed as Sword Bearer
• It was later confirmed that the next meeting will be held on Saturday 19th January 2013

The Grand Master closed the Grand Council Meeting at 4.00pm.
Photographs of the event can be viewed in the Gallery on the website.
New members admitted (KSR)
Chevalier Grahame Smith, Dame Elaine McLellan (DSR), Chevalier Paul Boxall. Chevalier Professor Hugh Robertson, from New Orleans, was made KSR in absentia. This exception to our rules was made because he is a member of our mother Order – Ordo Militaris Teutonicus, and his certificate was presented to Chevalier Dr David Starritt, who will present it when they meet later in the year.
Alan Blackstone promoted to Knight Grand Cross (GCSR)
Rt Rev’d Geoffrey Robinson promoted to Senior Chaplain (SChSR)

Promotions within The Most Meritorious, Spiritual and Military Order of St. Mark

To Member (MSM)
Christopher Ansell
Grand Prior – Rt Rev’d Geoffrey Robinson
Grand Director of Music – Chevalier Clive Warham

Certificates outstanding from the previous year were presented to:
Dr David Starritt – KCSR
Rt Rev’d Geoffrey Robinson – CSM
Pamela Robinson – CSM

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