Peterborough 2013

Annual Investiture 2013 – Peterborough

This year’s Investiture was originally scheduled to take place in January, but was postponed because of heavy snow. Details of postulants and promotions appear below.

The Grand Master and all those who attended were delighted to welcome Kay Aslett, Regional Fundraiser from Whizz-Kidz, since Ashley had now left the charity. Kay gave a very passionate talk, which was well received by the 42 diners. The raffle after lunch raised £200, which was donated to Whizz-Kidz, and this was topped up by a further £500 following the Grand Council meeting.

Following the splendid luncheon, The Grand Master opened the Grand Council meeting. Items discussed were as follows:

Grand Treasurer’s report
See separate accounts. The Treasurer encouraged more members to take up the option to pay annual subscriptions by standing order.
Charitable donations

It was suggested that the £200 given to Whizz-Kidz was rather low. The Grand Treasurer reported that the previous financial year had generated a surplus of £753.61 and it was agreed that we would distribute £750. A case was put forward by a member of the Order to support a charity called Combat Stress, which supports members of the Special Services who return from tours of duty suffering from extreme stress. It was suggested by the Grand Master, and carried nem con, to donate a further £500 to Whizz-Kidz and £250 to Combat Stress.
Regalia Supplies
The Custodian of Insignia reported that the supplier of Mantles and Medals had gone out of business. The GM advised that the dyes belonged to the Order, and authorised her to try and get these back, and to look for an alternative supplier. It was also agreed that we would institute buttons on the St Mark medal to difference the varying grades of membership.
Ecclesiastical Grades
It has been put forward for discussion that our Clerical Ranks are not really appropriate for an Order of Chivalry, and we should consider amending these to fall into line with other Orders. With immediate effect, therefore, the Clerical ranks in both St Raphael and St Mark will be: Senior Chaplain (equivalent to Knight), Chaplain Commander (Knight Commander), Ecclesiastical Grand Cross (Knight Grand Cross)
Promotion Recommendations
The Grand Master stated that it was difficult for the Grand Chancellor and himself to understand who should be recommended for promotions and awards, and that he was open to receive recommendations from Commanders and members. He stressed that the rank of Knight Commander in the Order of St Raphael is reserved for Commanders of Conclaves and holders of the key Grand Officer roles. The Order of St Mark is available to reward good work by members of the Order, or to those who cannot progress further because of the above restrictions.
Position of St William of Rochester Conclave
There will be a meeting of the members of the above Conclave to see if there is any support for keeping it going, or whether its members should become unattached.
Position of a new Conclave in West London
The Commander designate is to contact all nominated Founder members giving them a firm date to meet and take this Conclave forward.
Position of new Conclave for Scotland
Chevalier David Starritt reported that there were now five members of the Order from North of the Border, and they were holding a barbeque next month to try and attract new members. He said that they would not launch until such time as they had a viable Conclave, and the Grand Master promised to travel North to consecrate the Conclave if it reached the desired numbers.
Any other business
• The Commander of St Martin at Sees reported that two succesful events had been held in the Conclave this year. They were looking at holding an event in Dublin in 2014, to which invitations would be sent to all members of the Order.

– The Grand Master said that it was no longer practical to hold the annual Investiture in the winter months. The Grand Steward reported that the only feasible dates available were in March, April and May. The first two of these are susceptible to falling in the Easter weekend, so it was agreed on May. The first and last weekends are Bank Holiday weekends, and the third Saturday clashes with a number of other events. The consensus was to hold the Investiture on the Second Saturday in May, and this was agreed, with the next meeting falling on Saturday 10th May 2014.

The Grand Master closed the Grand Council Meeting at 3.00pm.
Photographs of the event can be viewed in the Gallery on the website.
New members admitted (KSR)
Chevalier Ken Shipman, Chevalier Ian Cameron, Dame Isabella Smith (DSR).

Promotions within The Most Meritorious, Spiritual and Military Order of St. Mark

To Commander (CSM)
Chevalier John Goodenough

To Knight (KSM)
Rt Rev’d Geoffrey Robinson
Chevalier Trevor Harrison

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