Peterborough 2019

Annual Investiture 2019

This year’s meeting again took place at the Masonic Hall, Peterborough on 11th May. The Grand Master opened the meeting and the Grand Chancellor read out the apologies from Christopher Ansell, Ralph Apperley, Alan Blackstone, Andrew Charalambous, Mary Dalton, Lawrence Day, Trevor Harrison, Brian Keane, Simon McIlwaine, Melanie McLellan, Ross McLellan, Helen Neaves-Wilde, Colin Palmer, Vivian Palmer, Fiona Pestell, Richard Scott, Moira Scott, Elaine Starritt, David Starritt, Michael Stephen, Laura Tough, Ian Tough, Steven Turner, Barry Uttley, Dianne Uttley, Jeannie Wackett, Gordon Wackett and John Warham.

We were delighted to have four postulants this year, all introduced by Dame Helen Wilson, and so we welcome into the Order Antonella Honegger, Lawrence Malpas, Fabrice Magini and Andrew Stenson.

E Chevalier Leslie Grout was promoted in the Order to Knight Grand Cross and made a member of the High Council, and Dame Penny Bell-Wright promoted to the rank of Dame Commander.  In the Meritorious Order of St Mark, Most Rev’d Geoffrey Robinson was elevated to Knight Grand Cross, E Dame Pamela Robinson to Dame, and R.E. Chevalier David Gibb and Chevalier Brian Everett were admitted at the rank of Member. We congratulate them all on their awards and thank them for their continued good work.

Following the service, the usual convivial meal took place, attended by only 23 members and guests.

The Grand Council meeting took place after lunch, and items discussed were as follows:

  • The GM welcomed our four new candidates and informed the meeting that several more are in the pipeline for next year, which is wonderful news, and thanked every member of the Order for their contributions. He thanked the GC and GP for their work in updating the Ritual and the Constitution. He encouraged Commanders to plan ahead and to ensure that details of events are circulated by the GC and Grand Herald. He finished by thanking the new Grand Steward, Helen Wilson, for her work in organising this year’s meeting and lunch.
  • The Grand Chancellor have a brief report on membership, and confirmed that this is broken down as follows:
  St Martin at Sées St Thomas Becket Lion Rampant Not attached
Active member 16 21 10 2
Life member   10 1 4
Junior member     2  
TOTAL 16 31 13 6
  • The Grand Chancellor had announced last year that the Order was required to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations, and responses had now been received from all but two Active members, and five Life members, who have all been sent several reminders. If no forms have been received by the end of June, then these members will no longer receive communications of any sort from the Order, and will effectively become non-members, as they will not be aware of any of the Order’s activities.
  • The GC proposed some changes to the Constitution. First a new award of Medals of Merit, in three stages of Bronze, Silver and Gold. This would give us an extra layer of awards to honour long serving members of the Order who have already attained the highest rank in our two Orders. We are working on a medal and ribbon for this with minimal cost. THIS WAS APPROVED. The second proposal was for a St Mark neck decoration for those who are Knight Grand Cross in both Orders, as these members currently have no neck decoration. The GM suggested a red collarette with gold edging could be easily obtained. APPROVED. Finally, it was suggested that the GM be given the power to make a longstanding member of the Order a Life Member, free of oblations, at his discretion in the event of either infirmity or financial circumstances. This would not be announced to anybody other than the member concerned. APPROVED
  • At last year’s meeting it had been suggested that the Annual Service of Thanksgiving be moved around the Conclaves to try and encourage attendance. All three Conclaves have been given the opportunity, but availability of venues, costs of travel and accommodation and poor support have meant that this idea has been put aside for the time being. We will, however, hold another service at Rugeley this year, and the GP has reserved the Cathedral for Saturday 3rd August. It is hoped that moving to the summer months may encourage more members to attend, and we also have the added benefit of a short talk on Healing by Dame Helen Wilson before lunch. Details to follow soon.
  • The Grand Treasurer circulated a copy of the accounts to 31st December 2017 which had been presented to him, which showed a surplus for the year of £412, and he recommended that this amount be distributed to the Conclaves towards their Charitable causes. THIS WAS APPROVED. The accounts had been independently examined by Chevalier David Gibb. The full accounts can be seen on the website.
  • Each of the three Conclave Commanders gave brief reports of their activities, and copies of the reports or events can be found on the website.
  • The Grand Chancellor encouraged members to view our website and Facebook pages where up to date information can be found about events in the Order. He also thanked Helen Wilson for taking photos on the day, and it is hoped that these will be published on the website shortly.
  • The date for the 2019 Investiture is Saturday 9th May. It has since been announced that the May Day Bank Holiday is being moved to Friday 8th May because of national VE Day celebrations. Please book the date into your diary early and be aware that hotel bookings may need to be made earlier than usual.