2017 AGM Minutes

25th June 2017             Mosseye steading, Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire

David Starritt                          GCSR GCSM             Commander
Ian Cameron                           KSR OSM                  Deputy Commander, Captain of the Guard
Elaine Starritt                          DSR                            Vice-Chancellor
Gordon Wackett                     KSR                            Treasurer, Marshal
Rhoda Ross                             DSR                            Director of Music
Jeannie Wackett                      DSR                            Deputy Marshall
Anne Stephen                         DSR OSM                  Banner Bearer
Michael Stephen                     KSR OSM                  Chaplain
Grahame Smith                       KSR                            Lecturer
Isobel Smith                            DSR                            Lecturer
Richard Scott                                                              applicant
Moira Scott                                                                 applicant
David Revell                                                               guest

Ian and Sabina Cameron were thanked for hosting this meeting.

Apologies for absence were received from:
Melanie McLellan                   junior member             Honorary Almoner
Ross McLellan                        junior member             Honorary Sword Bearer

The minutes of the September meeting had been previously circulated. The members of the Conclave agreed unanimously that they were an accurate record.

Matters arising:
It was agreed that we would invite Albert Thomson and other members of the Confraternity of Knights of the Most Holy Trinity to our AGM in September. DS will do this.
It was agreed to repeat Melanie’s lucky square fundraiser. The squares will be £1 each, that each member will be given 13 numbers to sell, and would each contribute £5 to the cost of the prize, a Christmas hamper. The draw will take place in December at the same time as the donation.

Ian Cameron is still trying to get us a bag packing slot at M&S, Inverurre, but it is uncertain whether the application will be successful. He will now attempt to get the same at Morrison’s, Inverurie.

Treasurer’s report:
Gordon Wackett presented a summary of the present state of the accounts. These were accepted. The bank balance stands at £305.

It was agreed that we again donate to Inspire, amount to be decided at the AGM.

Easyfundraising is up and going, but we have not seen yet any money coming through to us. But I will, so everyone was reminded to try and make use of this.

Members were encouraged to pay their oblations is good time as this increases the amount that comes back to us from the main Order. Standing Orders were encouraged.

The Order used to give hefty donations to national causes once a year. They have changed this, and will send money through to the Conclaves for us to use locally. We can expect to receive £250 for this purpose.

Moira and Anne offered to raise money through a tea party in a village hall. This was welcomed. We shall await the details.

Recruitment and retention:
We are a small group and must gain new members, and endeavor to at least get back to our original number of 16 members. Each member was encouraged to try to recruit suitable people. Though not yet members, Richard and Moira were also encouraged to try to enroll new members.

Members were reminded that there are no promotions within the Conclave are possible, as all offices are deemed to be of equal status. Within the Order as a whole, Chevalier Ian Cameron has been promoted to the rank of Officer of the Order of St. Mark (OSM) and has also been made Grand Herald. David has been promoted to GCSR, will be standing down as Grand Treasurer, and will take up Grand Registrar as Elaine wishes to relinquish this duty.

Next meeting:
Our next meeting will be the AGM, scheduled for Sunday 24th September. This will be opened and closed in full ritualistic form. We have two for admission to the Order. We may work a ceremony of admission, or perhaps the Grand Master will attend and undertake this plus the conferring of knighthood. This will be held at the Masonic Lodge, Inverurie, at 10:30, followed by lunch at the Kintore Arms.

The ritual is not learned, but read. But those who have something to do are asked to please familiarise themselves with their work.
Ian C to book the Lodge room.
??  to book the Kintore Arms.
Michael to organize press coverage.

It was suggested that the Order might consider applying for Charitable status. Donations then could be Gift Aided. DS will pass this on.

This was followed by a wonderful spread, thanks to Sabina, good company and good conversation.

Grace was given by our Chaplain, Chevalier Michael Stephen KSR OSM.