Lion Rampant Investiture 2017

Lion Rampant Conclave

AGM minutes.

24th September 2017 at Masonic Lodge, Inverurie

David Starritt                        GCSR, GCSM         Commander
Ian Cameron                         KSR OSM                Deputy Commander, Captain of the Guard
Elaine Starritt                        DSR                         Vice-Chancellor
Gordon Wackett                    KSR                         Treasurer, Marshal
Rhoda Ross                           DSR                         Director of Music
Jeannie Wackett                    DSR                          Deputy Marshall
Anne Stephen                        DSR, OSM               Banner Bearer
Michael Stephen                    KSR, OSM              Chaplain
Grahame Smith                      KSR                         Lecturer
Richard Scott                                                          applicant
Moira Scott                                                             applicant
Melanie McLellan                Junior Member          Almoner
Ross McLellan                      Junior Member         Sword Bearer
David Haywood                    GCSR, GCSM          Grand Chancellor

The Lion Rampant Conclave was opened in the customary manner, including a parade into the lodge room.

Isobel Smith                          DSR                           Lecturer
Albert Thomson                    Prior of Scotland, Confraternity of the Knights of the Most Holy Trinity

Obituaries:   None

The minutes of the meeting in June had been previously circulated. The members of the Conclave agreed unanimously that they were an accurate record.

Treasurers Report:
We have a healthy balance at present which has been increased by a cheque received by the Order of St Raphael of over £300, the books have been audited by KSR Gordon Wackett and found to be correct.

Election of Treasurer:
Gordon Wackett.

Admissions, accolades and promotions:
Today was a special occasion as we had 2 new members who joined our Conclave, David Haywood Deputy Grand Master of the Order of St Raphael admitted Richard and Moira Scott to the Order of St Raphael following which they were both promoted to receive the accolade of Knight and Dame of the Order.

David Haywood then promoted the following to Membership of the Order of St Mark:
Elaine Starritt
Gordon Wackett
Rhoda Ross
Jeannie Wackett

The Commander then proceeded to present and update members and visitors with their attendance medals.

Appointments for the coming year:
David Starritt                         GCSR GCSM           Commander
Ian Cameron                          KSR OSM                  Deputy Commander, Captain of the Guard
Elaine Starritt                         DSR MSM                 Vice-Chancellor
Gordon Wackett                     KSR MSM                 Treasurer, Lecturer
Rhoda Ross                            DSR MSM                 Director of Music
Jeannie Wackett                     DSR MSM                 Marshall
Anne Stephen                        DSR OSM                 Banner Bearer
Michael Stephen                    KSR OSM                  Chaplain
Grahame Smith                      KSR                            Deputy Marshall Lecturer
Isobel Smith                           DSR                           Captain of the Guard
Richard Scott                         KSR
Moira Scott                            DSR
Melanie McLellan                  Junior Member         Almoner
Ross McLellan                       Junior Member         Sword Bearer

The approved donation to be donated to Inspire is to be £500 (proposed by Grahame Smith KSR and seconded by Mike Stephen KSR OSM), this will be presented in December.

Future fundraising:
Organised by Anne and Moira: a Fizzy Tea Party was originally organised for 28th October but has since been postponed to 3rd February 2018, tickets will be distributed to all members to sell as many as possible. Tickets cost £10, there will be a raffle and some games at the fundraiser.

Ian Cameron has been in touch with M&S and Morrisons, Inverurie – regarding a bag pack, Morrisons have agreed to us having a ‘slot’ and this has been arranged for Wednesday the 20th of December – with as many members possible to attend.

Melanie McLellan distributed tickets for the lucky square hamper which will be drawn on the same day the cheque will be presented to Inspire.

Recruitment and retention:
Again the Commander has expressed the need to recruit new members to build our Conclave. All members encouraged to think of suitable candidates who may wish to join.

Vice-chancellors report:
Nothing to report.

Commanders Address:
All who attended our AGM were thanked for attending and for their work to the conclave over the past year, a special thanks to David Haywood for coming to Scotland to admit our new members.

Our next meeting is yet to be confirmed as this will be open to Gordon to arrange as his position as Lecturer – but we look forward to something with a ‘musical note’ !


Following a productive morning meeting the Conclave was closed and everyone headed to the Kintore Arms for a most enjoyable Sunday lunch (special thanks to Ian Cameron for arranging this and ‘getting us a good price’ too).