Lion Rampant visit to Inspire

On Saturday 31st October, members of the Conclave went to St. James’s Court in Inverurie to present a cheque for £500 made out to Inspire. Inspire is a local charity in the North East of Scotland supporting young adults with various disabilities after other support is withdrawn when they reach the age of 18, and are then adults. The St. James’s Court is a facility that Inspire supports.

We were given a tour of the building and its gardens which were all very impressive, and we were “inspired” to continue to support this good and worthy cause.

The photo shows our Treasurer, Dame Rhoda Ross DSR, presenting the cheque to Mr. Duncan Peter from Inspire. Also in the picture are the Commander of the Conclave, Chevalier David Starritt KCSR GCSM, and the Vice-Chancellor, Dame Elaine Starritt DSR, both wearing the mantle of the Order. Also you might spot Chevalier Gordon Wackett KSR, Chevalier Michael Stephen KSR and Dame Anne Stephen DSR amongst various residents and members of staff. The lady holding the banner of our Conclave is Joyce, one of the residents.

We then went to “The Fly Cup”, a cafe nearby run by this charity. It serves to train young disabled people in various catering skills in the hope that some may be able to subsequently take on paid employment. There we enjoyed some really fine soup, sandwiches and coffee in a lovely modern, bright, clean setting before heading home.

Inspire 3