Annual Outing – Summer 2011

We have just returned from a lovely day out at Foulridge on the Leeds Liverpool Canal. After meeting up for an early morning cuppa, eleven of us from the Conclave eventually set sail at 11am on a cruising barge towards Skipton. Although there was light rain outside, we were quite comfortable inside the boat, and although some sunshine would have been nice it did not stop us all enjoying the cruise along with the complimentary morning coffee and biscuits.

On our return to Foulridge we enjoyed a very nice lunch at the Wharf café. We were all quite amused by David Haywood’s meal; this being the largest FISH we have ever seen, so huge it was hanging over the side of his plate! After the meal we were all invited back to Helen Neaves-Wilde’s House Boat “THE BLUE MOON”, berthed at Barrowford. Helen made a big decision last year to sell her house and settle for a life on the water. The boat is beautifully appointed, and is certainly comfortable enough to live in, though not everybody may agree! Helen and her sister, Sue, had worked very hard to put on afternoon tea with home made jam, clotted cream and freshly baked scones, and a lovely selection of cakes, with tea and coffee to wash it down. – there goes the diet again! Helen showed us a number of her prized possessions, including an illustration of John of Gaunt in full regalia – this proved to be quite a talking point, and quite appropriately made Chivalry the subject of the day.

All in all it was another excellent day out for members of the Conclave, enjoyed very much by everyone, and we look forward with interest to our next gathering.

Vincent Gillibrand, KSR