The Consecration of The Lancastrian Conclave of St Martin at Sées, Leyland, Lancashire

Commander’s Inaugural Remarks and First Appointments

Dames, Sir Knights, ladies and gentlemen. First of all it is my duty and pleasure to thank the Grand Master, H.E. The Chevalier Howard Doe and his Officers for travelling some considerable distance to be here today and for the most professional manner in which they have performed the consecration ceremony. For those of us who are in other orders of chivalry it has been interesting to note the similarities with other consecrations. The Officers assisting the Grand Master today were:- The Chevalier Keith Ansell, Grand Chancellor; The Chevalier Ken Chopard, Grand Marshal; Dame Patti Ansell, Acting Deputy Grand Marshal; The Chevalier Len Feist, Acting Grand Banner Bearer; The Chevalier Charles Holloway, Grand Sword Bearer; Dame Rosalie Chopard, Acting Grand Cross Bearer.

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I would like to demonstrate our gratitude by suggesting to the founder members that we offer to the Grand Master and his Officers, honorary membership of The Lancastrian Conclave of St. Martin at Sées and trust they will accept.

The Healing, Teaching and Chivalric Order of St. Raphael is a stateless International Order of Chivalry and it is also an ecumenical order and I am very proud of the fact that even at this early stage between the founder members – there are eleven of us three facets of Christianity are represented; the Church of England, the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Independent Communion.

There is no significance whatsoever in the fact that this consecration has taken place in a Freemasons Temple. In attempting to acquire suitable accommodation for today I travelled up and down the M6 motorway corridor calling at conference centres and hotels and in all cases they required in the region of £200 for the hire of a room for the day. As a newly formed conclave and as yet without a bank account, that sort of payment was out of the question. This meeting place was offered free of charge, providing we ordered a reasonable buffet. As you can imagine it took very little consideration to choose this venue.

The Consecrating Officers, founder members, guests and friends today total 25 and I am very grateful for all your support. I am especially pleased to give a warm welcome as guests today to The Chevalier Geoffrey Thompson, OBE.,LLD.,DL.,GCLJ., who is to be the primus Commander of the new Cumbrian Commandery of The Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem (Paris Obedience) and also his wife Irene.

It now gives me considerable satisfaction to appoint the first Officers of the new Lancastrian Conclave of St. Martin at Sées which is named after the Benedictine monks who came to Lancashire from Normandy in I094A.D. and founded the Priory of Lancaster.

I appoint as the first Chaplain of the conclave, the Rt. Rev’d Norman Dutton of Timperley, Cheshire. Norman is the Presiding Bishop in the British Isles and Europe of the Anglican Independent Communion and Spiritual Protector and Grand Prior of the Military and Religious Order of St. Cornelius the Centurion. I am confident in my facts when I say that one of Norman’s main hobbies is his grandchildren.

I appoint as the first Vice Chancellor of the conclave, Commander Dianne Uttley of Lancaster. Dianne is a retired Local Government Officer who worked in the Surveyor’s Dept. of Lancashire County Council. I would like to thank her for the excellent cake which she has baked and decorated with the cross of the Order for this auspicious occasion.

I appoint as the first Marshal of the conclave Commander Alan Blackstone of Stockton Heath, Warrington. Alan is a retired Civil Servant. He retired this year after 42 years service and attended the Queen’s Royal Jubilee Garden Party on the 9th July. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Business Administration and an Associate of the British Institute of Management.

I appoint as the first Deacon of the conclave The Chevalier David Hallam of Leyland, Lancashire. David received an Honours Degree in Biophysics at the University of Manchester and is a Fellow of the Institute of Biophysics of the University of Belgrade.

I appoint as the first Treasurer of the conclave Commander David Pestell of Bury, Lancashire. David worked in the gas industry and is a retired Senior Auditor. He is to be ordained as a priest within the Anglican Independent Communion on I4th September this year.

I appoint as the first Deputy Marshal of the conclave Commander David Haywood of Bury, Lancashire. David is a computer trainer and a Fellow of the Institute of I.T. Training. He is a Serving Brother in the Order of St. John and a Member Companion in the Order of St. Lazarus (Malta Obedience).

I appoint as the first Lecturer of the conclave Commander Julie Woolley of Middleton, Manchester. Julie is a Principal Health and Safety Advisor. She is a former County Nursing Officer and was for 25 years a member and officer of St. John Ambulance. She is a Serving Sister in the Order of St. John and a Member Companion in the Order of St. Lazarus (Malta Obedience).
I appoint as the first Sword Bearer of the conclave Commander Maurice Mehers of Farnworth, Bolton, Lancashire. Maurice is a retired Nursing Officer. He is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Legion of Frontiersmen and is the Grand Prior of the Scottish Knights Templar in England.

I appoint as the first Standard Bearer of the conclave Commander Amold Baker, Lord of Barton, from Cresswell, Northumberland. Arnold is a Knight of The Military Order of the Golden Chain and a Freeman of the City of London.

I appoint as the first Captain of the Guard Commander Edward (Ted) Woolley of Middleton, Manchester. Ted is a Community Nurse and between I990 – 200I was the Area Commissioner for St. John Ambulance. He is an Officer in the Order of St. John, and a Member Companion in the Order of St. Lazarus (Malta Obedience).

That concludes the appointment of the first Officers of The Lancastrian Conclave of St. Martin at Sées. The calibre of the first Officers of this conclave is quite astounding and I am sure we will all work together as a team for the greater glory of Christianity. . Personally, I am looking forward to working towards the aims and objectives of the conclave and the Order which is to aid the cure of those who are sick through prayer, the preservation and extension of knowledge by organising talks and, by virtue of our Charter, granted by the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order of the Levant, to promote good.

For your information, the fun we have had guessing the weight of the St. Raphael cake has raised £38 which will be used for the administration of the conclave. Thank you all for your attendance and support.

The Chevalier Barry Uttley, K.C.S.R.,K.S.M., Commander

10 August 2002