Lion Rampant AGM 2016



11th September 2016

The Conclave paraded into the living room at the Red Lodge and the opening ceremony was performed and the Conclave AGM was opened.


David Starritt                         KCSR GCSM            Commander

Elaine Starritt                        DSR                           Vice-Chancellor

Gordon Wackett                   KSR                            Marshall

Jeannie Wackett                  DSR                           Deputy Marshall

Anne Stephen                      DSR OSM                 Banner Bearer

Michael Stephen                 KSR OSM                  Chaplain, Cross bearer

Melanie McLellan                Junior

Ross McLellan                     Junior                         Sword Bearer

Richard and Moira Scott



Grahame and Isobel Smith

Ian and Sabina Cameron

Rhoda Ross

Albert Thomson (Prior of Scotland Confraternity of the Knights of the Most Holy Trinity)

Stuart and Ruth Crook

Simon and Mary Welfare





Minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated and the members agreed they were correct and accurate.

Treasurers report:

As Rhoda was unable to attend copies of the accounts were distributed amongst the members. These accounts were audited by Gordon and Jeannie Wackett and found to be in order.

Election of Treasurer:

Gordon Wackett was elected to be treasurer for the coming year, having been proposed by David Starritt and seconded by Anne Stephen.


Members were reminded that there are no promotions within the Conclave are possible, as all offices are deemed to be of equal status. Within the Order as a whole, Chevalier Michael Stephen and Dame Anne Stephen have each been promoted to the rank of Officer of the Order of St. Mark (OSM). Others have been offered promotions, but these are dependent on the recipient going to the AGM in Peterborough to receive it from the Grand Master. These offers will stand only until the meeting in May 2017.

Within the Conclave

Commander                          David R. Starritt        KCSR, GCSM

Deputy Commander                        Ian R Cameron         KSR, MSM

Chaplain                               Michael A. Stephen KSR, OSM

Vice Chancellor                   Elaine J. Starritt        DSR

Marshal                                  Gordon Wackett       KSR

Treasurer                               Gordon Wackett       KSR

Lecturer                                 Grahame J. Smith    KSR

Lecturer                                 Isobel Smith              DSR

Director of Music                  Rhoda Ross              DSR

Almoner (hon)                      Melanie E. McLellan

Deputy Marshal                    Jeannie Wackett      DSR

Sword Bearer (hon)             Ross A. McLellan

Banner Bearer                      Anne Stephen          DSR, OSM

Captain of Guard                 Ian R Cameron         KSR, MSM

The Commander then proceeded to present and update members and visitors with their attendance medals.

Donation to Inspire

Donation of £400 which was proposed at our last meeting has been agreed to be given to Inspire – Commander to arrange with Inspire in Inverurie to present the cheque on Saturday 19th November with as many members of the Conclave to be present, photographer from local paper and P&J to be arranged by Anne.

It was also agreed that the raffle for Christmas hamper should be drawn at this time too.


The lucky square board is filling up nicely with only about 40 squares to fill. was previously mentioned and to be looked into again by Anne and Gordon.

Ian Cameron has been in touch with M&S re bag pack for later this year but as was not present at our meeting no information re same at present.

Gordon Wackett suggested an indoor car boot sale. Ideally would be held in Inverurie masonic hall, charging £10 a table to the general public, we would provide either teas/coffees or soup lunch. This was agreed and will look to hold this on Saturday 1st of April 2017.

Actions needed:       book hall                    ?

Sell tables                 ?

Arrange catering      ?

Recruitment and retention:

The Commander again stressed the importance of trying to recruit new members to our Conclave as we are such a small group. We need more members to allow the Conclave to become a stronger Conclave and to fill all the positions as at present some members are doubling up their duties.

Vice-chancellors report:

No changes to report.

Commanders address:

The Commander thanked everyone for attending and welcomed our guests.

He also wishes our poorly members a speedy recovery.

The Commander informed everyone that to involve all our members, next year’s outing in June 2017 will be to Stirling where our joint lecturers Grahame and Isobel Smith will arrange the agenda for our weekend visit.

Next meeting:

Weekend as above, to be confirmed by our Lecturers.


Our guest Richard asked if all our meetings were held in people’s homes? The Commander explained that as we knew we were going to be a small group attending this meeting, it had been agreed in June this year that we would have our BBQ at Ian Cameron’s. However due to a clash of holidays it was changed to the Red Lodge, Tarland.

He also mentioned where we have held our previous meetings.

Melanie McLellan asked what her duty as almoner was – explained she is in charge of fundraising as she has shown a keen interest in same.


The Conclave was then closed and followed by a BBQ and very sociable evening.