New Commander for the Conclave

In the Spring of 2004, Dianne and I moved from Lancashire to the Lake District to live. Since that time I have been busy setting up an off-licence wine cellar and a holiday flat to create additional income to support my ever-dwindling pension. As a consequence of these changes in my lifestyle I have been very conscious of the fact that I have not given the St Martin Conclave the attention that it deserves. At the annual Investiture of the Order at Peterborough on Saturday 14th January 2006, I discussed the future of the conclave with the Grand Master and suggested that, in my considered opinion, the conclave should be headed by someone who was resident in Lancashire and who possessed the enthusiasm to lead the conclave forward, and I suggested Chevalier David Haywood as a candidate for the position. I am happy to announce that the Grand Master was in full agreement with my suggestion, and stated that the appointment should take immediate effect!

I am sure that you will agree with me that David Haywood will make a great Commander of the Conclave, and urge all members to support him in the future. The Grand Master has indicated that he will be visiting the North of England at an early date to invest David as Commander of the Conclave with the rank of Knight Commander in accordance with Rule 25 of the Constitution.

Chevalier Barry Uttley, FSA Scot, KCSR, KCSM