Consecration of the Lion Rampant Conclave

29th March 2014 Hopeville Social Club, Harlaw Road, Inverurie

Howard Doe -Grand Master
Lesley Doe
Barry Uttley – Grand Chancellor
Dianne Uttley
Geoffrey Robinson – Grand Prior
Pamela Robinson
Julian Gunnell – Grand Steward
Margaret Gunnell – Grand Custodian of Insignia
Geoffrey Berry – Grand Treasurer
David Haywood – Grand Herald and Commander of the St. Martin of Sées Conclave
Evelyn Haywood
Kenneth Shipman
Christine Ogden
David Starritt – Commander designate
Elaine McLellan
Isobel Smith
Ian Cameron
Michael Stephen
Anne Stephen
Gordon Wackett
Jeannie Wackett
Ian Ross
Sabina Cameron
John Farquharson
Lesley Farquharson
Rhoda Ross
Melanie McLellan

Apologies for absence:
Grahame J. Smith – Working in Tasmania
Ross A. McLellan – Clash of duties

The Grand Conclave was opened in the customary manner, led by the Grand Master, Grand Prior and Grand Chancellor, with R.E. Chevalier Julian Gunnell acting as Grand Marshal before handing over to the Conclave Marshal for the final section.

Michael Stephen, Anne Stephen, Gordon Wackett, Jeannie Wackett, Ian Ross, Sabina Cameron, John Farquharson, Lesley Farquharson, Rhoda Ross were all admitted as members of the Order. They were then all promoted to receive the accolade of Knight or Dame of the Order.

The Grand Master then consecrated the Lion Rampant Conclave, and David Starritt was appointed as the first Commander of the Conclave. He then appointed the following officers:

Deputy Commander – Ian R Cameron
Chaplain – Isobel Smith
Vice Chaplain – Grahame J. Smith
Vice Chancellor – Elaine J. McLellan
Marshal – Gordon Wackett
Treasurer – Rhoda Ross
Lecturer – Ian Ross
Director of Music – Jeannie Wackett
Deputy Marshal – Lesley Farquharson
Sword Bearer – John H. Farquharson KR
Banner Bearer – Anne Stephen
Banner Bearer – Sabina Cameron
Captain of Guard  – Michael A. Stephen

The Conclave was closed in traditional form, and those present retired for a banquet. Some suitable and brief toasts and speeches were proposed and given. The Grand Master was presented with a quaich for the Order. It was filled with a good single malt whisky and passed to the left around the members. The Commander promised that if the Quaich were taken to the meeting of the Order, the Lion Rampant Conclave would ensure there was something to put in it. He also promised that the Lion Rampant Conclave would give the Grand Master a suitable sum for the charitable work of the Order, but we would do this in May after we have balanced our accounts for the day. A raffle raised £120.


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